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A New Song!

You won't believe it! A new song has been specially written for the Club! In order to help us with the latest guidance on playing table tennis outdoors, the wife of one of our members has come up with some words to the tune of The Teddy Bear's Picnic! And I'm reliably informed that the song might be premiered in this weeks news update film, which will be published on our social media account on Saturday! Not a very good performance though, so I'm told!

Anyway here are the words (you will just have to imagine the tune until you see the world premiere):

"If you go down to the park today

remember to take your kit!

Meet a friend from Bath Street Marine

and start to get match fit!

You can play some ping if you take care,

it's healthy too in the open air,

today's the day you can resume some practice.

If you go down to the park today

please be socially aware.

If you meet a friend don't shake their hand,

just smile and take care.

But just enjoy a game or two,

you'll probably find it's enough for you,

today's the day we all can play some Ping Pong!

The point is of course that we can now meet up with one person not from the same household and have a game of table tennis outdoors. Only members of the same household can play indoors at the moment. There are plenty of outdoor tables throughout Liverpool.

Applying this new guidance some of our members went to Stanley Park this week. Andrew met with Steve & Audrey (they are from the same household!); and club secretary Graham, met with Mark. Here are a few pictures, and there will be more in this weeks film.

It's not ideal playing table tennis outdoors, especially if there is a little breeze. But it is better than no table tennis at all! Give it a try if you can't play indoors.

If you need to see the latest guidance from Table Tennis England you can find it at:

We will do our best to keep you updated with progress. In the meantime do keep an eye on our website and on our social media page in Facebook.


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