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'Have I got News for You'!

Yes I have! I had hoped this might be a brief video blog containing a very important update. However technology has, on this occasion, deserted me, so you will have to be content with this brief article!

Some of you may have seen the article about the table tennis club in the Crosby Champion last Wednesday. Here it is just in case you didn't. It is about our search for a new home. Do ignore the final paragraph though as there are some inaccuracies there!

This article was published, not at our request, because the Club's application for planning permission for our new club room was before the Planning Committee last Wednesday evening. And here is the news for you, we have been granted planning permission for our new home! We are hoping to now be able to place the order for the new building this coming week and if we are able to finalize that it will then be full steam ahead for our property project for a new club room. Just as well really, as it is expected that demolition of our present home will start on or about the 1 May 2019! All we need to do now is secure all of the finance necessary to make this a reality! All donations, gratefully welcome, as 'every penny counts'! More about finance at a later date, but we expect the project to cost around £80,000 of which we are hoping Sefton Borough Council will contribute £10,000 recognizing the benefit to the local community of this facility for daytime sport and recreation. In the meantime everyone is encouraged to do all they can to build up our funds in preparation for this historic event.

All being well, our new home will be on site and ready for the 1 May 2019.

Here is a drawing by our architect Billy O'Hara giving an idea of what the new home will look like. For social, daytime play, we expect to be able to go up to 4 tables. That would be fantastic! Watch this space for more news and details which we will pass on when we can.

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