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Now.... and then!

Here's a picture competition! Two photographs, but can you spot the common factor - apart from table tennis?

It's the glasses of course that give it away! Both pictures feature the same person in table tennis action, albeit that a 'few years' separate the pictures! That person is club member William ('Billy') O'Hara, who this week reached a milestone of 80 years and still playing table tennis!

Having been a member of Bath Street Marine TTC for many years Billy shared his special day (9 October) with friends, where? At the table tennis club of course! Another club member, Ray O'Leary, also has a special birthday this month (28 October) - the pictures below will give a clue as to which birthday. So both Billy and Ray joined forces to throw a bit of a birthday bash with friends at the club. Celebrating special occasions is a really important aspect of life at Bath Street Marine TTC.

Billy has always been a keen sportsman, a useful footballer in his day, and enjoys a game of golf and some snooker. but this is the thing about table tennis, it goes on giving enjoyment, and a little gentle physical and mental exercise, throughout the years. Now, as well as then!

On the special day, once the playing was done and the party underway, Billy asked, would it be OK if I said a few words? Master of Ceremonies Bernard Cooney of course readily agreed. It was only then that Billy produced the 3 pages of carefully prepared notes, and in true Blue Peter style said, thank you, here's one I prepared earlier!

It was another great morning at Marine, so here are a few pictures sharing the occasion. One of the features of the celebration was a great picture board, prepared by Mary Sefton, which certainly could have met the bill for 'This is Your Life'. You will see a picture of that below too. Perhaps you too have some table tennis photo's which could equally go under the heading 'Now..... and then'?

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