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Under the radar?

One item of table tennis that seems to have gone a little under the radar this summer, is that the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League has, for the first time, run a Summer League! The Summer League was run from the Anfield Sports & Community Centre, with all teams playing at the same venue on the same night! 14 Teams took part, divided into 2 divisions. The 2-a-side format was used, making matches shorter but the competitive edge was maintained by making every game won worth a point, so that every single game played counted. It was great fun, and having so many players of all standards in the same venue and playing at the same time provided a great spectacle. We think it is fair to say everyone who took part thought it was a great idea, and a fun competition....and the matches didn't go on all night!

The club had 3 teams in the Summer League, one in the top division (Andrew Armstrong, Dave Noden and Peter Ashley) and two in the second division (Euan Mason, Keith Dudley and Graham Turner and Mark Benson, Steve McCormick and Tony Rimmer). Bath Street Marine 1 finished 6th in a very tough Division 1 but still with 77 points just 4 points below the next team up. Bath Street Marine 2 finished 3rd in Division 2 with 102 points and the BSM 3 team finished 8th collecting 21 points. There was some really excellent competition in both divisions with some quite mixed teams in terms of ability. A very successful venture. A report and the tables can be found on the L&DTTL site on TT365.

In the meantime here's a couple of pictures! The first one shows some of the players from Division 2 and there are a couple of pictures of our BSM 2 team in action in their final match!

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