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I can't believe that two months have passed without an entry in the blog! What is going on.....? Hopefully though you have been able to keep up to date with the news through Facebook, or the News Stories on the Club website. Or is it simply that these days I have a tendency to 'forget' things a little too easily.....?

This brings me to the point. A friend recently brought to my attention a Facebook post by one of our club members, which I thought well worth sharing. One of the things that has often been said about table tennis is the all round health benefits of the game. And because it is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout the age ranges - we often say from 8 to 80 - the benefits can effectively continue for a lifetime! Unsurprisingly therefore, in the recent Mental Health Awareness week, table tennis was mentioned as having positive benefits for mental wellbeing.

You only have to ask some of our octogenarians who are still playing table tennis, just how true this is. Below is a group of them on National Table Tennis Day last year, and all are still going strong! So, if you are looking for a sport that can last a lifetime, and have positive health benefits, look no further than table tennis!

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