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Chip Butties & Table Tennis?

Club Welfare Officer, Mary Delamere, says, "the social side of Bath Street Marine is getting better and better"! Chip butties and cake were the order of the day for the very latest social event, "what could be better", says Mary! The occasion was a social gathering at the Brooke Hotel in Crosby, on Wednesday 17th August, to mark the 85th birthday, on Saturday the 12th, of longtime club member Cyril Penny.

Club Member, Cyril Penny aged 85, still actively playing table tennis!

Cyril celebrated his 85th birthday with friends from BSM TTC and with cake and chip butties!

The social face of the club has become a very important aspect of club activity attracting new members to the daytime table tennis sessions, several of whom will be making their debut in the Liverpool League in the forthcoming table tennis season. Mary says, "sometimes we can all feel low in mood or have aches and pains. However, as soon as we enter the club everyone says "hello". When we sit down, we are immediately brought into the conversation around us. When we play table tennis we can enjoy the game, have a laugh and maybe we can get a bit noisy, but so what! Then we can have tea, coffee and biscuits for 20p and all of a sudden you realise that you are feeling fine and you are happy". It's amazing just what value a little bit of sporting exercise can bring to anyone. This atmosphere was more than evident at the Brooke Hotel in Crosby on Wednesday evening where around 30 members gathered to share Cyril's birthday, enjoy chip butties, a lovely slice of birthday cake, and, would you believe it, an exciting game of "Play Your Cards Right"! There are a few pictures in the video clip below.

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