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Table Tennis Day showcases success!

25 members of the club ensured that the club room was open for business on National Table Tennis Day - Wednesday 12 July.

Doreen & Barbara point the way to the advertising banner

The club used the day to showcase its success during the 2016-17 Liverpool & District Table Tennis League season; to invite passers by to stop and have a game or just a cup of coffee and a chat; raise awareness of table tennis as a sport for all ages and abilities; and to draw attention to the prospective development at the Marine ground and how it potentially impacts the club.

On a lovely bright day the outdoor mini table attracted great interest and gave some fun competition in both singles and doubles. Here's Elaine & Migs giving it a try.

Elaine & Migs at the mini table

The club was also able to showcase the 6 trophies won in the L&DTTL during the 2016/17 season. Below you can see the collection of trophies, and also Ricky Brown (captain), Ian McElwee & Fred Bainbridge showcasing the Division 2 league trophy won by the A Team, and Keith Dudley (captain) and Graham Turner with the two 4th Division trophies won by the E Team, and the Frank Murphy Veterans Handicap Cup won by Keith with his team of Les Dodd and Peter Ashley.

The 6 Trophies won in the L&DTTL in 2016/17

Ian McElwee, Ricky Brown (Captain) and Fred Bainbridge - BSM A, who won Div 2 of the L&DTTL in 2016/17

Graham Turner & Keith Dudley (Captain) part of the successful E Team

Just to show that table tennis is a sport for all ages, a group of octogenarians, who are all still actively playing table tennis, took to the stage around the mini table, and the final picture shows a group of the club members present on the day, and a few playing on the indoor tables.

Overall it was a great day, with a number of visitors popping into the club, and at least 2 potential new members recruited.

The Octogenarians - Billy Clayton, Tom Bell, Albert Parker, Des Logan, Barbara Alcock and Don Gibson.

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