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Chairman Retires

So often it seems that as one door closes another opens. The members of Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club were surprised this week when Club Chairman, Fred Bainbridge, aged 73, announced at the Club Annual General Meeting on Tuesday that he was retiring from his post. Fred has been the Chairman of the Club for 6 years and over this time the Club has experienced growth in its membership, a coming together of the social and competitive faces of the Club, and success at a competitive level within the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League with a number of divisional and cup wins in recent years; including no fewer than 6 league and cup trophies in the 2016/17 season, more than any other club. In paying tribute to Fred's leadership Club secretary Graham Turner said, that whilst Fred may in some respects be considered as a bit of a 'rough diamond' there is no doubt that under his leadership the club had flourished and grown. On behalf of members Graham presented Fred with a small gift, saying traditionally this might have been a framed picture, a gold watch, a plaque or similar memento; but wondered whether this bottle of whiskey might be more appreciated! In an emotional response Fred thanked all the members for their support of the Club and wished the Club continuing success as he takes up his seat on the social benches.

But as that door closed another seemed to open. It was recommended to the meeting that Ian McElwee, who has been the Club Treasurer for nearly 20 years, should be asked to take the Chair of the Club. This was unanimously supported by the members present and Ian will take over the helm immediately following the AGM.

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