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No Table Tennis! Self-isolation, social distancing, whatever have we come to! I expect that at this moment in time the majority of our club members are heeding Government advice and staying at home, going out only for the limited purposes permitted and then following guidelines on social distancing when you do go out. Today, for the first time ever, I had to wait in a queue to go into my local supermarket to do my normal weekly shopping - and stand on the marked spot 2 meters from each person either side of me!

There is one consolation though. This week we have been blessed with some lovely sunny weather, the kind that would normally tempt you out to the seaside or the countryside. Hopefully for most though, the outdoors has been limited to the garden.

For some people this forced stay at home has led to innovative ideas about ways of sharing, using new technology, or taking opportunities to volunteer to help the NHS or elderly or vulnerable people in our community. There has however been a seeming minority who have ignored the advice; or worse taken to abusing those tasked with ensuring compliance. For some people the crisis has brought out the best in them, whilst for a few it seems to have brought out the worst! It was heart warming on Thursday evening to go outside at 8 pm and witness many of our neighbors joining in the applause for NHS workers.

So, what have you been up to so far during this period of 'lockdown'? Maybe you would be willing to share a picture here or some innovative idea that you have tried or heard about. Here is your big chance, it would be great to hear your story or experience.

To start off, you will see from the first picture that Club Secretary Graham Turner has been really busy this week!

On the other hand, club member Brian Crolley is still smiling! Even though he is now in self-isolation. And some are known to have continued playing table tennis, albeit on their own table in the lounge and against a machine! Any practice is better than no practice.

Self-isolation and social distancing certainly isn't what Bath Street Marine TTC is all about, we normally pride ourselves with our inclusivity, and warm welcome for all who visit our hall. Let's all hope that we can return to normal service soon. In the meantime do share your stories and pictures!


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