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Nothing like a derby!

This weekend in the Premier Football League we have seen the Manchester derby. There is nothing like a derby to raise passions, create tension, and bring out the fighting spirit in both teams. Whether it is the Manchester derby, Liverpool v Everton, the North London derby of Tottenham v Arsenal or any other derby the effect and excitement are just the same!

This week we have seen the first derby of the 2021/22 table tennis season at Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club, between the B Team and the A Team in Division 2 of the Liverpool League. And the tension, excitement and fighting spirit were just the same! And what a match it proved to be.

On paper the match had 'draw' written all over it. Two sides very evenly matched. For the A Team, captain Brian Crolley decided to drop himself from the line-up, but did have available his former division 1 star, Barry Davis. At this level, Barry, who is gradually getting back to full match fitness after the break caused by the pandemic, is hard to beat. Barry was supported by Mal Kent and Colin Mitchell. For the B Team, captain Dave Stoddern brought back Dave Noden and continued with his young star, Euan Mason - not yet 18.

It was a terrific match with some top quality table tennis, and some really close sets, mostly featuring Euan! In fact Euan was so close to winning all 3 singles but in the end just won one! By his own high standards, Dave Noden would probably say he had an off night! By contrast, Barry showed his class with a clean sheet and Colin is adding to his game with his pimple rubber, making him even more difficult to play! The score card really tells it's own story. And below, courtesy of Ray Hibbs photo-graphics, there is a short video from the match. Do take a look at some of the faces!!


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