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My She's Pretty!

Who doesn't like having something new to wear? A smart appearance can have so many advantages. It can catch the eye, give a good impression at a job interview, encourage confidence in the wearer and I'm sure many other things too. Appearances can of course be deceiving too; and more important than external appearance is what is on the inside.

Well here is the latest good news! You may notice that our club building has a new suit of clothes on the outside, a new 'skirt' to be precise, and my it looks smart! Not only does it make our building look even smarter, it also makes it safer and cleaner. Now, neither rubbish, vermin nor small children will be able to get underneath the building!

But there is far more to Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club than external appearances. Those may catch the eye and give a good impression, but step inside and you will see the heart. The true heart of our club is of course the people who come to it. But inside you will also see a clean, fresh, bright interior. During the pandemic lockdown a new coat of special paint was applied internally to protect the walls, and new acoustic ceiling tiles were added to eliminate the 'echo' effect that we had experienced in the early days of the building.

So now, the club looks attractive outside, and looks attractive inside. More importantly, it has a good heart too! Come and see for yourself!


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