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Finely Balanced!

When Bath Street Marine TTC decided to go for ownership of its own premises it was a very finely balanced decision. Driven by the fact that the club were going to lose its old premises, scheduled for demolition in April 2019, and that the alternative of renting was looking rather cost prohibitive and would inevitably lead to less availability and use, it seems on the face of it a fairly easy decision! But very few small table tennis clubs have ever gone down the route of ownership, and, at the time, there were no others in the Liverpool area that we could learn from. So the truth is, it was a finely balanced decision!

Games of table tennis are often finely balanced too. Indeed very recently we saw two very finely balanced matches in the L&DTTL Frank Murphy Veterans Handicap Cup competition. Both matches being decided in the very last set of the match. Sadly, neither went the way of the club!

However that daring to risk in a finely balanced situation can often mean the difference between success and failure. For the club making the positive decision to go for our own premises has brought quite a few snags and problems along the way, there have definetly been slips and slides! But it has also been tremendously rewarding to see the club with a new home, and to see the impact that new home has had in attracting people into table tennis. Often in a game of table tennis when things are finely balanced the famous saying of Del-Boy is true, "who dares wins, Rodney".

Club Secretary, Graham Turner, also had a finely balanced moment recently! Whilst out kite flying with two nephews at Crosby Lakeside, he sat down for a moment in the adventure play area. Unfortunately not realising that the rope seat he chose was a moving rope! On this occasion it certainly wasn't a case of 'who dares wins'! And even worse, a roving photographer happened to be on hand to snap the moment! Finely balanced indeed! Better stick to table tennis I think, seems much safer with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Still the two young boys thoroughly enjoyed the finely balanced moment!


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