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A Question of Sport

What to do in these days of enforced inactivity? There is a limit to how many times you can walk around the block locally for your once a day period of exercise! And even the pleasure of going shopping is denied! But in these very strange days, the seemingly different worlds of the Pub Quiz, and table tennis seem to have collided into what I thought was a very good idea! Have you ever watched the BBC TV series a Question of Sport? In one of the rounds the panels are shown partial and obscure pictures of a sports star and asked to work out who that sportsperson is. Our guest photographer, Ray Hibbs, has applied the same idea to some past and present Bath Street Marine TTC players! Every one of these players has at some time featured on the club website and can easily be found through it. So here is the challenge, sit back and scroll through our website and see if you can identify these players from the pictures and clues provided? Good luck with Ray's Picture Quiz!

Feel free to post your answers here in reply!

1. This player appeared in a club doubles final 2 years running.

2. This player is a current reigning singles and doubles champion, but not in Liverpool.

3. This player is always ‘hanging his bat out’, but has greatly improved including practicing at home

4. This player has hardly played at all in the Liverpool League in the 2019/20 season, due to injury, a pity after his team were unexpectedly promoted to a higher division.

5. You may be surprised to learn this is the team captain of the player featured in 4 above.

6. This popular club member led the last club team that achieved a league and cup double.

7. More often known for his socks this player also featured in a league and cup double winning team.

8. This rising young player in his last full season with the club recorded a very respectable 79% average in Division 2.

9. This player captained a cup winning team in his age group, in a competition in which the club, at the time, had a very strong winning track record.

10. This player’s long and illustrious playing career in the Liverpool League and for the club came to an end when he moved offshore.


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