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Things Change!

This week the last of the Club's teams in the L&DTTL Frank Murphy Memorial Cup (The Veterans Handicap Cup) crashed out of the competition at the Quarter-Final stage. This will be the first year for at least 5 years that the Club has not had a team in the semi-final stage of that competition! It is a timely reminder that times, and things change!

Here's a quick picture of the teams from that quarter-final match. Unfortunately Steve McCormick, for the BSM 1 team, was injured in his first set and was unable to complete that set and unable to continue in the match. Despite some very good play from Sunil Sapre for the team, it was just not possible to bridge the gap caused by the loss of a player and the team crashed out. A big disappointment for non-playing team captain (also out injured!), Mark Benson. He had really hoped the team might get through to the semi's!

As I said, it was a timely reminder that times, and things, change! We are certainly going through very turbulent changing times at the club. Especially as we push to secure a new permanent home. Just to update you on that; following the obtaining of planning permission we have placed an order for the new building, and the club Management Committee is now working closely with the football club to ensure the new building can be properly connected to relevant mains services. We will be leaving our current home on Monday 29 April 2019.

We need to make sure that funds are in place to secure the new property and ensure that there is enough money in the kitty to see us over the transition from the old arrangements to the new. So do please try to support upcoming fund raising events. The Club Secretary will be contacting all members shortly about the impact these changes will have on the way you pay your club fees. Make sure you read that carefully.

Other things are changing too! Hopefully you will have noticed from our website that the Club now has a privacy policy. This is to ensure that we do all that is necessary to meet any requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which no doubt you will have heard of elsewhere! We will be inviting all members to give relevant consents under these regulations, so again do please read the information carefully when it comes, and ensure that you take the relevant action.

There will be an opportunity for all members to discuss club matters at our Annual General Meeting which will be on the 15 May at Marine.

There just seems to be so much going on at the moment...... please do all you can to keep an eye out for developments and to support the club through this time of transition and change.

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