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All the world is waiting! It seems an appropriate message for Christmastime, and also seems to sum up 2018 as far as Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club is concerned. Whether we are longing for 'Brexit' to be finally settled or for the position in relation to our new table tennis club room to be resolved it seems that most of 2018 has been about waiting! For many Christmas, symbolically, ends the period of waiting, as anyone who has sung a Christmas Carol this year or been to a school Nativity will know! And for our Club it seems that the long wait may now be nearing an end.

Despite the waiting, 2018 has been a very good year for our Club. We have seen further growth in numbers, and the social face of our club seems to be going from strength to strength. We have had some great social occasions, made tremendous efforts in fund raising for our building project, and at times also played some decent table tennis! At least 2 trophies coming to the Club in 2018 from the 2017/18 season. It has also been encouraging to see a growth in our junior section and currently we are just about at maximum capacity for our weekly junior coaching session.

In relation to our new club room, our architect has recently submitted application for planning permission for the new building, we have instructed solicitors to commence the detailed work on bringing into effect a new lease of land for the site on which we propose to place the new building, and our fundraising target is almost complete. Our aim is for the new room to be ready for the summer of 2019. Let's put in every effort we can to turn this into a reality.

All that remains for me, is to wish you all a very 'Happy Christmas' and i shall look forward to catching up with you all again in the New Year.

Do keep on checking out news stories, league results and more on our website and engaging with our Facebook page. Maybe you even have some pictures or a table tennis story that you would like to share.....??

I'm sorry that I have not sent you all a personal Christmas card, but please accept the card below just as if I had! It is sent with my very best wishes.

With love and best wishes for a very Happy Christmas.

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