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The weekend just past has seen the Liverpool River of Light Festival including a spectacular fireworks display over the River Mersey, and 'The Wave', a sound and light tunnel, at the entrance to the Albert Dock. Another tremendous free public event in the City of Liverpool, generating massive support from local people who came out in force to share in the entertainment and celebrations.

There have been plenty of fireworks too in the first weeks of the 2018/19 Liverpool & District Table Tennis League season. There have been flashes of brilliance, explosions of frustration and emotion, sparks a plenty, and the odd bang or two! All in the name of competitive sport though and mostly in good humor! This week will see the end of the first third of the season as we reach Week 8 which will give an idea of how our teams are doing. You can find all of the results on the club website or on the official league site on TT365. So I won't repeat them here.

Some of biggest fireworks have come from our A Team in Division 1 under new captain, Dermot Tierney, featured in our picture below. They have been able to add a new player to their strength in the form of Steve Green and have been going toe to toe with some of the top teams in the division, sparkling performances. Then there are the 'sparklers' of our G Team, they are not going to produce the loudest bang or biggest flash of the season, but in terms of enjoyment they will provide one of the most hospitable evenings of table tennis anywhere in the league.

3 of the A Team members, Keith Williams, Dermot Tierney and Clare Peers

The Club has also introduced new players to other teams this season; with Dave McMahon joining the D Team in Division 3 and Sunil Sapre joining the F Team in Division 5. We are also hoping to welcome back David Lovelady, re-entering table tennis after a long lay-off through double knee surgery. Let's hope these players can bring their own sparks of genius and flashes of skill to boost our teams performances. Dave and Sunil feature in our teams below. Both 3rd from left of the pictures as you look at them!

Members of the F & G Teams at a recent derby match

Dave McMahon between Euan Mason & Andy Armstrong

There's room for plenty more fireworks and sparkling performances from our teams over the coming months of the season, so we wish them all the very best of continuing luck.

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