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Marine Challenge!

Members attending the morning social table tennis session at Marine on Tuesday had a rare treat this week. At the end of the session Ryan Jenkins, Welsh National Coach and former international table tennis star, arrived for a practice session with Cyprus International Hristonov Hristo (pronounced Christono Cristo). Cristono is currently studying at Manchester University, but was in Liverpool for a practice session ahead of an international competition. Cristono also plays professional table tennis in the French League.

Hristonov Hristo practicing at Marine

What an opportunity for members, many of whom stayed behind after the social session to watch some top class practice. Members watched in awe at the skill, speed and sheer athleticism of these two professional sportsmen. And when invited to step up for a short challenge match there was no shortage of takers. Mark Benson was first up against Ryan, then Steve McCormick took on Christono. Ian Brownrigg and Sue Young also took on the challenge. Last up was former club No.1 Ken Jackson, arriving just before the end of the session. Not sure Cristono has seen many players quite like Ken, who went on to take a game from the international star.

A great session of top class table tennis entertainment. They can definitely come again......

And below, a short clip of the two stars going through some practice routines. Followed by a short clip of a couple of challenge matches involving Ryan, Mark Benson, Cristono and Steve McCormick.

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