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It's all about friends!

When it comes to acknowledging and recognizing its members and volunteers there is none better than Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club! And this last Wednesday, 29 November, was a prime example. On Wednesday our newly appointed Treasurer, Ian Brownrigg, reached that milestone of 3 score years and ten! Unbelievably, it was his 70th birthday! Ian is relatively new to the Club, and in the short time he has been a member he has learned to play table tennis, has now started to play regularly in the Liverpool League, is a regular attendee at the Club for daytime play and practice, and this year accepted an appointment as our Club Treasurer. Quite fitting therefore that he should celebrate this milestone occasion with so many of his friends at Marine table tennis club.

As a club we pay tribute to those who volunteer to run the club and ensure that it functions in the interests of everyone. Indeed we have a great team of volunteers who make things happen. And one of the things that team do particularly well is lay on a great celebration feast to mark those special occasions - like a 70th birthday!

A little speech from our Club President Billy Clayton introduced the celebration, and you can find that in the video clip below. It's followed by Ian's response; you will see that in describing what it means to belong to the table tennis club Ian is just a little emotional. Guess that just about sums up what it is like to be part of a healthy and thriving sports club where everyone is welcomed, and valued.

You can read more stories of life at BSMTTC on our website under News Stories or on the blog. Or simply come and see for yourself......

Ian, with his wife, daughter and granddaughter at his 70th birthday celebration at Marine on Wednesday 29 November 2017.

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