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Welcome Annie!

Annie made a very welcome visit to Marine last week, in company with her friends Alan & Russell Wills. In case you don't know, Annie is a dummy! She came to help Alan & Russell raise awareness of recognizing the signs of a medical emergency and to show members how to respond including how to correctly and safely handle emergency equipment, such as a defibrillator.

Alan on his knees with Annie as some of the members watch on.

Alan & Russell, who have both had extensive experience with the St John Ambulance Society, provided an informative informal evening at the request of the Club which was both timely and entirely appropriate. An audience of 20 members, twice as many as expected, came to see Annie and listen to Alan & Russell. This was part of an ongoing programme by the Club to ensure that its growing number of members are as safe as possible when at the club. And the visit couldn't have been more timely as a little over a week earlier there had been a major medical incident at the club. It was the prompt response of members and staff at Marine and the fact that a defibrillator was available and correctly used that contributed to saving the life of a visiting table tennis player. A brilliant team effort by those present on the night.

There are now three defibrillators located in and around Marine, including a recently installed publicly accessible machine immediately outside the table tennis room. Not of course that we want anyone to need such a piece of equipment whilst enjoying a game of table tennis at Marine!

It was a very informative helpful evening, very well received by those present. So thanks Alan, Russell and of course Annie, for helping our understanding.

Alan & Russell demonstrated CPR as well as safe and applicable handling of the defibrillator

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