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Teardrop Moment!

There are certain moments in life that bring a tear to the eye, and it just can't be helped! Club Secretary Graham Turner experienced one such moment at the end of children's table tennis coaching at Anfield on Friday last. Graham assists at the the weekly table tennis coaching sessions at Anfield on Friday afternoons (it's a great session if anyone wants to come along....). At the end of last week's session one of our 'regulars', Elsa (aged 7), who has been attending since the club started last autumn drew Graham aside and, along with her Mum (Sai Wu - who has been working at the University of Liverpool for a year), announced that today would be her last at the club as she and her Mum were returning to China. She then presented Graham and other members of the team with a lovely card saying 'thank you', and a small gift as a token memory of China. It was a very touching moment! But isn't it great when you feel that your efforts are appreciated......

We were sorry to hear that Elsa and her Mum are leaving the UK, and leaving our table tennis activities, but surely there will be opportunity for table tennis in China.....!! And who knows perhaps one day an exchange visit...

Anfield Sports & Community Centre in Lower Breck Road Liverpool is a great place to come and try or play table tennis. There are sessions for Adults on Monday evening 7pm - 9pm and Tuesday afternoons 2pm - 3:30pm and for children on Friday afternoons from 4:30pm - 6pm. Plenty of tables, great facilities and qualified supportive staff. Great fun!

A couple of pictures courtesy of Elsa's Mum.

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