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Happy New Year Everyone!

Well here we go again, as one year ends another starts. A bit like the saying 'as one door closes another opens'.

It has been a busy time of year probably for all, and I expect we have had plenty of food, enjoyed ourselves, unwrapped those presents, and may be even seen people we haven't seen in a while. Some of you may have even been to the 'Sales' and bought the Christmas present you hoped for but never got, at a reduced price!

The start to 2017 is now upon us and it seems that the years are just flying by; they go so quickly, or is it that as we get older they just seem to pass quicker, things seem to take us twice as long to do. For example, what we used to do all day we now spend all day trying to do it! But does that really matter? It's surely more important we all keep going and do what we can in life and take every day as a blessing; counting what we do have not what we don't have to me is far more important, as I believe there is always someone worse off than yourself.

As the New Year brings new beginnings for some, we need to carry on enjoying our table tennis; not only for the social side or for the league matches but also for the fitness, and friendship that participation in sport brings, and possibly for some to take off those excess calories acquired over the festive period!

For this New Year I will keep this greeting short; but for all may this coming year be filled with magic, dreams that become reality and goodness, may your year be happy in whatever you do. Perhaps you will read some good books, start a new hobby or kiss someone new that thinks you're wonderful! Make sure you live as only you can and hopefully this year you may even surprise yourself!

Happy New Year everyone and good luck in 2017.

The table tennis season starts again on the 2 January!

Happy New Year to and from all the members of Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club

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