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League Update

Now that we have reached the Christmas break I thought I would give you a brief update on how our teams are doing in the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League. Of course, you can see exactly how they are doing from the results published on this site and on the League website on TT365. It has been a mixed first half of the season, with some first class matches, fierce competition and great sportsmanship.

Division 1 has been affected this year by the loss of 3 teams, with just 11 teams left in, it has been particularly tough for our 1st team as it is the weaker teams that have disappeared! The team captained by Dave Roberts has however been holding its own and should stay around the middle of the table.

The two teams in Division 2 have been involved in some real tough battles for points. The A Team captained by Ricky Brown have found life tougher than they might have expected but remain in the top four. Dave Stoddern's B Team have benefited from the presence of Barry Davis, and are scrapping for every point. They may be in the bottom half of the division but we expect them to be safe come the season end.

In Division 3, Dave Noden's D Team seem to have moved ahead of Brian Crolley's C Team. Both teams have been involved in some epic tussles. Division 3 has been highly competitive this season and all of the teams seem capable of taking points from each other. More tough battles to follow, but both teams should be completely safe. Expect the D Team to finish in the top half, and the C Team just below the middle. But this could all change depending on the run of results.

The E Team in Division 4, brilliantly captained by Keith Dudley, have at times really rode their luck; but some strong performances throughout the team and some excellent doubles results leave the team in the top spot at the break. Watch this space, there are some tough matches still to come with strong new players being enrolled in other teams.

The Club's 2 teams in Division 5 have at times really struggled. Much was hoped for Mary Delamere's F Team which looked quite strong on paper. However they seem to have only shown glimpses of their ability so far in the face of some very strong opponents. Room for improvement. In the G Team Des Logan has had the unenviable task of selecting a team out of the array of players available to him. But it is the old faithfuls, Billy Clayton, Des himself, and Barbara Alcock who have picked up the odd points for the team. Des has also given playing opportunities to 2 of the Club juniors Euan & Finn Mason and they have responded well making excellent contributions. The team will still be hard pressed to stay away from the bottom of the table.

Finally, the Club has had 3 juniors playing together in the L&DTTL Junior Development Division. The 3, Euan & Finn Mason and Hugh Frediani-Bellis, have been playing in the U13 category, and after the first rounds of matches they sit on top of the table. An excellent effort, especially from Hugh who has only just started playing table tennis.

That's enough for now, it has been a very enjoyable, if at times very tough, first half of the season. Now we look forward to the second half.

And below, our table topping E Team as you have never seen them before. Enjoy!

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