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Christmas Thoughts......

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it would be good to write something about this time of year. Probably you may have heard this before.

All the Christmas advertising that raises thousands for companies every year gives a message of looking out for others. These people could be the old, the lonely, people who don't have much or miss out including some children, or even strangers along with others. Christmas isn't a happy time for everyone. But have you ever thought about what happens to these people once all the decorations are down? Things change, the money we have all spent at Christmas is then used in another way on advertising things like sadness and political issues. The people we helped at Christmas feel they are a burden again and are left back where they were. The lonely go back to loneliness, strangers that haven't become friends find themselves distant again. So what if 'goodwill to all men (and women)' was a year round gesture? Everyone would be wanted, everyone loved and everyone would have someone to lean on.

Here at Marine it is very much like this. We all have friends here, we don't just get together at Christmas it's weekly or to some almost daily event. We play table tennis, We socialise both in and out of Marine. We already know some members do other sports and activities.We enjoy each other's company and most of all we have fun.

So this year at Christmas when you are eating, drinking, opening presents, partying or whatever you do, spare a thought for those that have nothing or what your money went on for your enjoyable festive time. Most of all remember that at Marine we all have someone we can rely on or chat too; and most of all appreciate what we have, not everyone is as fortunate as we are.

Happy Christmas to you all!

One big happy family at Marine

Even Santa helps make the day at Marine

Friendship and fun go hand in hand with sport at Marine

As our pictures show, friendship and fun go hand in hand with sport at Marine

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