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Anyone for Tennis?

Today I am going to touch on something a little different; but it still relates to members of Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club.

Many years ago I had the honour and privilege to meet a man in his 70’s by the name of Jack. He was what I would describe as a pure English gentleman. I met him at a table tennis match one evening and got talking to this quiet unassuming man who totally inspired me and for whom I have nothing but admiration. Jack told me that in his own time he belonged to a bridge club, no, not the type we walk over or that go over rivers and so on. For those of you who have never played and don't have a clue what I mean, it is a card game normally for four people, with two different versions, and it requires a good memory. Jack also told me that he went walking and flew his own glider at weekends and in good weather. What happened to Jack? I don't know; but he is probably in heaven now!

So I was wondering recently what other sporting activities do members of Bath Street Marine actually take part in? We have Brian Crolley who is like Jack, but I don’t think he flies a glider; we have Ray O’Leary and Keith Dudley both keen walkers; I know Keith has walked in the Lake District and Ray has done long distances, like the Pennine Way. How amazing is that, all those beautiful views and fresh air the calmness of the surroundings, pure nature not like the pollution of modern day cities.

We have bowls players like Barry Davis, then there is Ricky Brown a mean darts and snooker player and along with these we have tennis players, joggers, swimmers and cyclists to name but a few, we also have other snooker players (like Les Dodd) and some retired footballers. It almost feels like we have our own Olympic team! It is quite good to know that not everyone just plays table tennis or socialises at Marine on a weekday morning. I find it fascinating that so many of us do all these wonderful sports that are on offer to us.

So, regardless of anything, get your bats out, your tennis racquets out, or put on your walking boots, and continue to be healthy and take part in what there is to offer. But of-course don't forget to come to table tennis where everyone is welcome.

Here is a selection of our members with 'other' sporting interests, perhaps you can add a picture of another member with an 'alternative' sporting interest?

Keith Dudley & Ray O'Leary keen walkers; Barry Davis a bowls champion; Brian Crolley a keen bridge player; Ricky Brown an ace darts and snooker player; and Peter Ashley a crazy cyclist!

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