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Who's a Lucky Boy?

Club member Cyril Penny, that’s who! Cyril, aged 84 just 4 months younger than Club President Billy Clayton, moved to Northwich a little while ago to be nearer his son following the death of his beloved wife Jean. Despite this he is still regularly coming to Marine for a game of social table tennis. That is, when time allows! Since moving, Cyril seems to be enjoying life to the full and is often out and about and has done a fair amount of travelling. On a recent visit to Marine there was no doubting Cyril’s delight when he explained that we wouldn’t be seeing so much of him after Christmas, as he is going on a cruise! Seems to be a popular pastime amongst our members!

A week or two in the Med we thought, or maybe the Caribbean, always great in the winter months. But no, Cyril is off on the MS Magellan sailing out of Tilbury on the 5 January 2017 for a 46-day trip ending in New Zealand! Now, that’s a trip of a lifetime! Good on you Cyril, enjoy every minute and watch out for those rich American widows…… oh, and by the way, don’t forget to take your table tennis bat, you will need something to do during the daytime…..and beside which, our club has a reputation to maintain, we already have 2 cruise ship champions, so perhaps you can make it a straight three.....?

Cyril, at Marine recently for a members 80th birthday celebrations - but not Cyril's birthday!

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