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A Winner!

For anyone who looks at table tennis websites, there are several about, not only do we have our own Club website but there are many others for example like those where table tennis equipment can be bought. A popular site is that of our governing body, Table Tennis England, and that site recently came to the notice of some of our members.

It was noticed that Table Tennis England are currently running awards to recognise club members who contribute in a large way to their club as a volunteer. We are fortunate to have many volunteers who help to make our club run. Surely there was someone who could be nominated? A few members decided to nominate our own Club Secretary, Graham Turner. It had to be done secretly as Graham would have been mortified if he thought his name was being put forward into the limelight! But Graham puts so much time into being secretary and making sure our club runs as smooth as it can, he often turns up at matches to support teams, helps with children's coaching both at Marine and at Formby Table Tennis Centre, organises our club tournament, keeps the website up to date and lots of other things, including recently expanding his interest to helping occasionally at the table tennis session at Anfield Community & Social Centre. And in the mind of this writer he does not always get the thanks or recognition he deserves. So his name was put forward for an award. Graham was amazed and overwhelmed to learn this week that Table Tennis England had awarded him with a Pride of Table Tennis Award, "Club Volunteer of the Year". To say he was speechless is an understatement. Congratulations Graham a well deserved recognition.

Graham is now the proud owner of this certificate recognising his contribution as a volunteer.

We all have to agree that Graham does a lot for our Club. The fact is that Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club has a wonderful band of volunteers without whom the club simply wouldn't run. And Graham would be the first to recognise that it is a team effort that makes our club so great!

But here we have Graham who is very proud to have received this framed certificate, congratulations go to him and hopefully anyone reading this will also pass on their thanks and congratulations too. But don't embarrass him.......

Enjoy the moment Graham, for as long as it lasts.

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