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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

No this is not about the film, where a man has to get home by a certain time. But it could be, which is why we use certain types of transport for our needs and convenience, even though there are so many different types available.

We probably all know that the first car was invented in the early 1800s, long before table tennis. If anyone read my last blog they would be aware that table tennis came to light in 1890. What has the first car got to to do with table tennis? Well, quite a lot actually, as it seems to be the most popular form of transport for people traveling to Marine or to league matches. Albeit all those years ago people would not have traveled far or even had cars which, then, were for the very rich. And I suspect table tennis was far from the popular sport it is today and people would not have traveled in order to play.

Table tennis is a game loved by everyone that plays and is also for all ages, but isn't it strange that people travel far and wide to be at a particular chosen club even though other clubs are closer. At Marine this is particularly true, probably due to the friendliness of the people and the warm welcome that greets them whenever they walk in the room. So how do people get to Marine?

Our members seem to live all over the place; but the person who lives the closest is Mary Delamere, she takes the healthy option and walks.

F Team Captain Mary Delamere, arrives at Marine on foot for her League match.

The person who lives the furthest away is Cyril Penny. We will be telling you more about him in a future blog. He now lives over 40 miles away and can only occasionally make it to Marine now. He travels by car to visit us. However, of our regular league players, Darren Taylor lives farthest away in Southport. He also travels by car. We have some members who come to Marine from Wirral; others travel by push bike, or by train, but most people travel by car.

E Team regular Peter Ashley often uses his bicycle to get to Marine and other table tennis venues.

It's ironic though that people are reliant on their cars; some live close enough to Marine to be able to walk but still choose to use their car, for the convenience and ease.

Even though he lives quite near Marine, G Team captain Des Logan often prefers to use his car to get to Marine, especially on a wet and windy November evening.

So the invention of the car has a big impact on table tennis as without it many of us either couldn't get there or would have to use alternative methods of transport, or choose somewhere closer to play or simply not play at all..

And despite many of our club members going on cruises, no one travels to Marine by boat not even the ferry across the Mersey!

Is this Club Secretary Graham Turner celbrating victory on his way home after a match at Marine....?

Julia Cornish just waiting for her transport to Marine, the QM2 no less, some people do like to travel in style even for table tennis!

So all I would say is however you travel to Marine do it safely, and carry on enjoying your table tennis.

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