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Let Them Eat Cake!

A big part of any league table tennis match is the break for refreshments! It can often be a turning point in a match, either rejuvenating a struggling side, or slowing down a side that have started well!

In the view of this writer, there is none better at refreshments than Bath Street Marine! One thing you can be assured of when visiting Marine for table tennis, whether that is for a league match or a social occasion, is that you will be made welcome, there will be a good atmosphere in keeping with the best traditions of sport, and there will always be a cup of tea and cake or biscuits. Depending on which team is playing, there may be just plain biscuits, trio’s or chocolate bars straight from the local manufacturer, or even home-made cakes or scones! And always tea or coffee, or maybe even something from the club bar.

Some members have even been known to make special cakes for a special occasion. For example like the one pictured below, a Victoria Sponge lovingly made, which we have on good authority tasted delicious. But we are not going to tell tales and speculate about who made it, and for whom….. suffice it to say that it was made by a Club member, who is clearly an excellent and artistic baker.....

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