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Clowning Around?

It's been a while since I last wrote, so hopefully I can catch up a bit now. Marine is still thriving on Wednesday mornings and two tables are now operating most weeks. Social table tennis is proving to be so popular that new people are arriving all the time, and sometimes no one knows who they are! it has been suggested that at this rate we will all need to wear a sticker with our names on so other people can identify us! Do remember, that if you introduce a new person do please let us all know who they are, we promise not to bite! The good news is that there is now social table tennis at least 3 mornings a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Oh, and by the way, has anyone noticed the lovely new welcome notice on the door to the club? Designed for the club by Robert Cornish, the son of one of our members, and beautifully framed and set in place by our very own handyman, Tom Bell. So big thanks to both of them as it looks so much better than the last one.

Now here is a Halloween Alert!

In the nicest possible sense, there are some real clowns in table tennis! Now about clowns, and I don't mean MacDonald's happy meals, or circus clowns but, with Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would touch on a safety aspect. Some of you may have heard about "killer clowns"? I don't want to worry or scare anyone, just trying to be a good citizen and make you aware of a rather silly, frightening craze sweeping the USA which seems to have now started too over here in the UK and especially in the North of England, in places like Newcastle and Liverpool. There was a case the other day in County Durham of one of these "clowns" terrorising a group of school children. Fortunately no one was hurt. For those of you who are not aware, a person is dressed as a clown and will walk about in the streets jumping out at people or jumping on their cars in an effort to frighten them. In the USA some of this has become less than a joke with psychopaths dressed as clowns trying to kill people! At first I thought this all sounded like a John Carpenter, Halloween film with Mike Myers, or a Stephen King film like "It" or "Clownhouse" or something similar. But I can assure you all, it is true. So Like I said, I am not trying to stop anyone going out and having fun, just stay safe out there and be aware. Maybe lock your cars when driving around, especially in the evenings, when theses incidents are most likely to happen and also as the evenings are now getting dark earlier. So please remember over the coming weeks, think clown, take care and stay safe!

On a brighter note dear Albert is recovering and hoping to be back as a spectator at table tennis in a few weeks, let's hope we see him soon.

And finally, if you do read a blog on this website please leave a comment, or a 'like', just so I know! And if you have ideas for topics for blogs, or table tennis news to share, let me know too. All comments are welcome but do please keep them PC to avoid upsetting anyone!

Have you seen any lately.....?

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