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Albert Gets a Fix!

Spare a thought this week for Albert Parker. Albert has been a member of the Club for many, many years, but at the end of the 2014-15 league season he had to stop playing competitive league table tennis due to a heart complaint. Since then he has only been able to enjoy some mild social table tennis at the Wednesday social and recreational sessions, it was at one such session that he celebrated his 80th birthday last year (see News Stories 151104).

Today (Wednesday) he will at last be going into Broadgreen Hospital for the long awaited major heart surgery which is scheduled for Thursday. We wish him well, his many friends at the Club will be thinking of him and hoping the surgery is successful and that it will not be too long before he is able to return to the social life of the Club; and who knows he may even make a return to competitive league table tennis! After all, whether you are 8 or 80 table tennis is a sport for all and for all ages!

We are with you Albert every step of the way. see you again soon.....

And here's the very latest news. According to Albert's wife, Doreen, the surgery went very well on Thursday. And today, Friday, Albert was released from the critical care ward to the general ward. So far, so good. Club member Colin Mitchell was able to visit briefly Friday afternoon, Colin reports that, "Albert was in good form. So much so that Albert ordered chicken pasta for his main course followed by jelly and ice cream. It's a hard life in hospital".

And two weeks in from Albert's op, an infection has caused a little set back. Unfortunately the prescribed antibiotics mean no alcohol for the moment! However although progress has been a little slower than Albert might have hoped, it is progress in the right direction. Indeed so much so that Albert is hoping it won't be long before he is able to visit Marine to socialise and watch a little ping pong! Albert is resting, and hoping to get away from home for a few days to aid his recuperation. Albert and Doreen have been really encouraged by the interest and enquiries from Club members.

Albert, enjoying watching some table tennis at the Club recently.

Albert with his wife at a recent Club social event.

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